What We Do

Capacity building and training

The Cambridge Centre for Environment is committed to working with individuals, groups, organizations, and societies to increase their ability to deliver quality environment and development services. Our experts will:

  • Work with individuals to enhance their understanding, skills, and competencies, and access to information, knowledge and training that enable them to effectively deliver their environment and development services;
  • Assist organizations, associations, and communities to strengthen their management structures, processes and their management of partnerships to consistently enhance their environmental management and development services;
  • Facilitate legal and regulatory changes to enable organizations, institutions to enhance their capacities.

We will help our clients to assess and evaluate their existing capacity, and develop a rolling training plan, whereby capacity gaps and training needs are identified, prioritized and met on an on-going basis, and to develop an ongoing on-the-job training support to supplement training programmes.

We therefore: deliver canned and customized training and capacity development programmes for enhanced delivery of environment and development services; organize technical workshops and conferences; deliver online learning; provide technical support and advisory services to individuals, organizations systems and institutions; and assist training institutions to build their capacity.


Our staff associate consultants have proven experience of delivering training and development programmes tailored to the needs of different types of clients including governments, private sector, and NGOs, and communities. We design courses based on training needs assessments to ensure they meet the needs of our clients. The Centre offers:

In-house courses:

We work with organizations of any size or status to develop and deliver customized courses that meet their specific training needs and resources of our clients. Apart from saving money, the organization participates in designing the course ensuring the timing, content, duration, costs, delivery modes and other features of the course suit the client’s requirements.

Public training courses:

Based on the common training needs of organizations in the environmental and development sector, we offer canned group training courses to consistently increase and sustain the performance of individuals, organizations, institutions, and systems. We advertise the courses and our clients choose the courses that meet their training needs and capacity gaps.

International courses:

The Cambridge Centre for Environment offers a wide range of international environmental courses in partnership with reputable professional training institutions worldwide. Our approach ensures that our clients benefit from rich local environment and development contexts, which provide real and practical case studies.

Research and Development

Our highly skilled and experienced staff and associate researchers work with our clients to develop valuable new products, processes and services, which enhance their performance. The Centre boasts of strong links with academia, research institutions and industries, giving it access to a pool of eminent research and development experts in environment and natural resources management, and energy security. CCE consultants undertake high quality independent and ethical short- to medium-term quantitative and qualitative biophysical and socioeconomic research designed to meet the research and development needs of our clients at local, regional, national and global scale.

Our specialists are able to conduct both desktop- and field-based based research to generate sound evidenced-based solutions to enhance the performance of our clients. Our range of research and development services includes gap analysis, designing research proposals, peer-review of research proposals, designing qualitative and quantitative surveys, data collection and analysis, monitoring and evaluation, and scientific report writing. We are committed to interdisciplinary and collaborative research in different fields of environment and development. We specialize in:

  • Environmental policy analysis
  • Climate change mitigation and adaptation
  • Renewable energy
  • Biomass and biofuels
  • Natural resources management
  • Biodiversity and sustainable development
Our Centre also screens research products and services to generate technologies that can be used to design solution packages for our clients.

Technical and Management Consultancy

The Cambridge Centre for Environment enables governments, NGOs, private companies, local communities, and environment systems to stay resilient over time and to meet the cross-sectorial environment and development needs of the government and society. Our consultants have several years of experience in academia, research, and industry in Europe, Middle East, Asia, Africa, and Latin America. Together, they offer a wide range of consulting services, which complement capacity building, and research and development. Our team of experts is specialized in:

  • Environmental auditing and reporting
  • Environmental management system
  • Carbon assessment and monitoring
  • Environmental impact assessment
  • Renewable energy and technologies
  • Horizon scanning
  • Measuring, reporting, and verification of greenhouse gases
  • Strategic environmental assessments
  • Energy assessment
  • Monitoring and evaluation

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