Horizon Scanning

Diploma in Horizon Scanning


    At the end of the course, students should be able to:
  • Explain the concept, importance, and objectives of horizon scanning as a planning model;
  • Outline the different types of horizon scanning used in planning;
  • Discuss the major principles of horizon scanning
  • Explain the four modes of horizon planning
  • Describe the conceptual model of an horizon planning process for future-proofing an organization
  • Explain the four stages of horizon scanning of an organization
  • Explain the major horizon scanning strategies for maintaining stable future operations of an organization
  • Explain the methods, tools and techniques for conducting an horizon scan of an organization
  • Explain how to prepare for horizon scanning of an organization‚Äôs operations
  • Demonstrate strong understanding of the process of conducting an horizon scan
  • Prepare a horizon scanning report for enhanced planning in an organization

    Course Content

  • DHS01 Introduction to Horizon Scanning
  • DHS02 Principles of Horizon Scanning
  • DHS03 Modes of Horizon Scanning
  • DHS04 Horizon Scanning Process
  • DHS05 Horizon Scanning Strategies
  • DHS06 Horizon Scanning Methods
  • DHS07 Preparation for Horizon Scanning
  • DHS08 Horizon Scanning
  • DHS09 Horizon Scanning Report
  • DHS10 Course assessment 1: Individual project
  • DHS11 Course assessment 2: Theory exam

Learning outcome

Trainees have a strong understanding of horizon scanning principles, methods, and practices, and can use them to improve the performance of their organizations.

Course Dates

Beginning of every month

Target Group

This course is suitable for senior managers, planners, and anyone interested in future proofing of organizational operations. While prior experience in planning fields is an added advantage, people who have never worked in this field can also be considered for the course.

Course duration

24 months


Awarded a Diploma in Horizon Scanning upon successful completion of the course



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