Bioenergy Course

Bioenergy Course


  • Explain basic concepts and general overview of bioenergy in the context of global energy security;
  • Discuss the fundamental concepts of energy transformation in bioenergy production systems;
  • Explain the planning process for a forest management assessment and audit;
  • Examine the sustainability of bioenergy production systems compared with fossil fuel energy technologies;
  • Discuss different types thermochemical technologies/processes of bioenergy production;
  • Explore economics of bioenergy production; and
  • Analyze lifecycles of different bioenergy production systems and their implications for natural resources management.


  • Introduction to bioenergy
  • Sustainability and bioenergy
  • Fundamental concepts of energy transformation
  • Bioenergetics
  • Types of biofuels
  • Thermochemical technologies for biomass conversion
  • Economics of bioenergy systems
  • Lifecycle analysis and environmental implications

Learning outcome

The students will develop a deep understanding of the concepts, principles and practices of biofuel production and apply them to sustainably support economic development.

Couse duration

5 days

Target Group

The course is suitable for Energy Resource Managers, and newly appointed Environmental Managers who need an introduction to bioenergy management systems; and Managers and staff responsible for planning, performance and reporting of any form of bioenergy applications ranging from system compliance to full site reviews, monitoring. Candidates with some prior knowledge of bioenergy or energy management system could have an added advantage.


Apart from end of session quizzes, participants will take a test to assess their understanding of concepts, principles and applications of bioenergy.

Course dates

Contact CCE for dates.


On completion of the course, each participant will receive a certificate to demonstrate that they have achieved an acceptable level of competence in the course.


£950 + VAT

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