Green deal energy assessments

Green Deal Energy Assessment

The Cambridge Centre for Environment is committed to working with clients to reduce carbon emissions from, and energy consumption in, residential properties. Green Deal energy assessments are carried out in domestic buildings to ascertain current energy usage, assess energy bills and determine whether measures to reduce energy consumption could benefit from a Green Deal Scheme. The Centre will assist you to:

  • Conduct an occupancy assessment to determine the total energy consumption;
  • Offer a Green Deal Plan to customers, based on recommendations from an accredited Assessor Organization or a Green Deal Assessor;
  • Arrange Green Deal Plans and arrange for the installation of the agreed energy efficiency improvements through an authorized installer;
  • Manage ongoing obligations in relation to Green Deal Plans, including dealing with customer complaints and providing information when a new bill payer moves into a property with a Green Deal;
  • Provide the finance package to a property owner, which distributes the costs over a period of time based on the energy savings and property owner’s energy bill;
  • Estimate the money you could save on your annual energy bills through a Green Deal Plan; and
  • Secure a statement on whether the improvements will pay for themselves through reduced energy costs

Our team of expert will work with you to find the most appropriate energy management plan for you.

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