Renewable energy

Renewable Energy

The current energy system, which heavily relies on fossil fuels, underlies many of the environmental problems we face today: depletion of easily accessible physical resources; insecure access to fuel resources or energy insecurity; and degradation of healthy, socio-economic systems and environmental resources. Universal access to clean energy requires a rapid technological evolution in the efficiency of energy use and development of environmentally sound alternative energy sources. Renewable energy is becoming increasingly important globally as an alternative clean energy because of rising energy demand, high cost of fossil fuels, dwindling fossil fuel reserves and contribution of fossil fuel usage to greenhouse effect. The Cambridge Centre for environment is committed to:

  • Work with you to profile the activities, and energy sources and efficiency of your organization;
  • Assist you to explore alternative energy sources that could reduce carbon emissions and increase energy utilization efficiency of your company;
  • Provide professional advice on renewable energy and low carbon technologies; and
  • Undertake short- to medium-term research on topics related to renewable energy.

Renewable energy, which comes from natural resources such as sunlight, wind, rain, tides, and geothermal heat, has become an attractive means of decarbonizing national economies.

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