Environmental Auditing and Reporting

Diploma in Environment Auditing and Reporting


    The participant should the able to:
  • Explain the different types of environmental audits and their benefits and disadvantages;
  • Describe the responsibilities of Managers initiating an audit and their role in maintaining and improving environmental management systems;
  • Discuss responsibilities of auditors and their role in auditing and reporting to ensure organizations maintain and improve environmental management systems;
  • Gather evidence through observation, interview and sampling documents and records;
  • Analyze different ways of evaluating the findings and presenting them to the senior management of the organization;
  • Prepare and submit an environmental audit report to the senior management of the audited organization, suggesting ways in which effectiveness of corrective measures might be verified; and
  • Conduct a mini-environmental audit that enables the candidate to apply the knowledge and skills acquired in the course.

    Course Content

  • DEA01 Introduction to environmental auditing
  • DEA02 Pre-audit Activities for the Manager
  • DEA03 Pre-audit Activities for the Auditor
  • DEA04 Purpose and Structure of ISO 9001:2008
  • DEA05 Conducting the Audit
  • DEA06 Evaluating the Audit Results
  • DEA07 Environmental Reporting
  • DEA08 Course assessment: Individual Project
  • DEA09 Course assessment: Theory examination
  • Options(2 Electives)

  • DEA10 Principles of Environmental Sustainability
  • DEA11 Environmental Change: Past, Present and future
  • DEA12 Environmental Impact Assessment
  • DEA13 Introduction to Ecological Footprinting

Learning outcome

Environmental and natural Resource Managers have an enhanced understanding of the principles, features and application of ISO 9001:2008 in auditing of environmental features of organizational operations. They can also actively participate in an audit.

Course Dates

Beginning of every month

Target Group

This course is suitable for Environmental and natural resource managers, managers and staff who are about to become members of the audit team, and anyone intending to develop a career in environment and development. While prior experience in environment and development field is an added advantage, people who have never worked in this field can also be considered for the course.

Course duration

18 months


Awarded a Diploma in Environmental Auditing and Reporting upon successful completion of the course



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