Ecological Footprinting Course

Carbon footprinting


  • Explain the basic concept, principles, and significance of carbon footprint assessments;
  • Explain the basic science and impacts of climate change, and use of greenhouse protocols climate change mitigation and adaption;
  • Examine lifecycle analysis of product and its use in carbon footprint assessments;
  • Demonstrate how to calculate a carbon print of an organization or a product;
  • Demonstrate how to calculate carbon footprints in a supply chain; and
  • Explain how to apply carbon footprints in business communication and marketing.


  • Introduction to carbon footprinting
  • Climate change and greenhouse gas protocols
  • Lifecycle analysis and carbon emissions assessment
  • Carbon footprint assessment
  • Direct carbon footprints
  • Carbon footprints in supply chain
  • Carbon footprinting for business communication and marketing
  • Calculating a carbon footprint

Learning outcome

Course participants have a strong understanding of the concept, principles and practice of energy management system and can supervise or use it a business context.

Couse duration

5 days

Who should attend?

The course is suitable for Facility, Health and Safety, and newly appointed Environmental Managers who need an introduction to energy management systems and auditing; Managers and staff responsible for planning, performance and reporting of any form of energy applications ranging from system compliance to full site reviews, monitoring and controls; and ideal for Facilities and Estate Managers. Some prior knowledge of ISO 15001:2011 or own energy management system could have an added advantage.


Apart from end of session quizzes, participants will take a test to assess their understanding of concepts, principles and applications of environmental management systems.

Course dates

Contact CCE for dates.


On completion of the course, each participant will receive a certificate to demonstrate that they have achieved an acceptable level of competence in the course.


£950 + VAT

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