Project Management

Diploma in Project Management


    At the end of the course, the student should be able to:
  • Explain the fundamentals of project management in a modern business context;
  • Discuss at least six principles of project management and how they undergird the delivery of projects;
  • Distinguish between the different phases of project cycle;
  • Explain how a feasibility study is conducted to determine the ecological, social, and economic viability and sustainability of a project;
  • Assess the quality features of a designed project based on specified project management guidelines and good practice;
  • Identify potential risks associated with the delivery of the project and suggest how they will be managed;
  • Discuss how project change is managed in response to evolving conditions in the project environment;
  • Explain how people should be managed to achieve the mission and objectives of the organization;
  • Explain how the key features of a contract and how they should be implemented in the delivery of a project.

    Course Content

  • DPM01 Introduction to project management
  • DPM02 Principles of project management
  • DPM03 Project cycle
  • DPM04 Feasibility studies of projects
  • DPM05 Risk management
  • DPM06 Quality management
  • DPM07 Managing change
  • DPM08 Managing people
  • DPM09 Managing contracts
  • DPM10 Course assessment 1: Course project
  • DPM11 Course assessment 2: Theory exam

Learning outcome

Course participants have a strong understanding of project management concepts, principles and practices and can demonstrate and use their knowledge and skills in managing a project.

Who is eligible?

This course is suitable for environmental and natural resource managers, and anyone intending to develop a career in environment and development. While prior experience in project management is an added advantage, people who have never worked in this field can also be considered for the course.

Course Dates

Beginning of every month

Target Group

Project managers, and anyone intending to take up a project management role or gain a better develop an enhanced understanding of project cycle management and its use in management of different types of projects.

Course duration

24 months


Awarded a Diploma in Project Management upon successful completion of the course.



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