Environmental auditing and reporting

Environmental Auditing and Reporting

The Cambridge Centre for Environment will assist your organization to perform environmental audits to increase compliance with environmental laws, identify operational liabilities, reduce costs, and review environmental management systems. Our team of experts works with clients to:

  • Assess how the laws apply to your site, and the extent of any non-compliance problems;
  • Assess the company’s exposure to liabilities of hazardous waste sites;
  • Establish environmental management systems, adopt pollution prevention strategies, incorporate environmental accounting procedures and develop corporate sustainability goals;
  • Assess the effectiveness of a company’s own environmental policies and management infrastructure to implement these policies, and to generate data that can then be used to improve the company’s image;
  • To evaluate and to improve proactive approaches to environmental management, which include establishing of environmental management systems, adopting pollution prevention strategies, incorporating environmental accounting procedures and developing corporate sustainability goals.

We will work with you to perform legislative compliance, liability, minimization, product lifecycle, policy compliance, and environmental management system audits. The environmental audit will improve your organization’s compliance with environmental laws, allow you to identify their environmental progress, demonstrates your concern for environmental issues and values, and can lead to significant savings within your organization through reduced potential costs of noncompliance.

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