Clean Development Mechanisms

Clean Development Mechanism

The Clean Development Mechanism (CDM) provides a route for developing, underdeveloped countries, or non-Annex I, countries to sell certified emission reductions (CERs), or carbon credits, to industrialized countries to reduce carbon emissions to the atmosphere. The Cambridge Centre for Environment works with its clients to:

  • Prepare CDM documents;
  • Assess the eligibility of the proposed project, using the UNFCCC Criteria for approval of CDM projects;
  • Provide proof of additionality of the project using the five-point UNFCCC criteria;
  • Ensure calculations of greenhouse gas emissions reductions include leakages;
  • Ensure the CDM project is voluntary and contributing to sustainable development, based on criteria established by the national Climate Change Authority or Designated National Authority;
  • Understand and apply the methodology approval cycle of the Clean Development Mechanism
  • Manage the CDM project cycle: project identification; project design; project validation and registration; project monitoring; and verification, certification and issuance.

Through CDM: a country, company or individual can implement emission reduction projects in developing countries; projects produce certified emission reductions (CERs); CERs are traded to help developed and transition countries to meet their carbon dioxide emission reduction targets; developed countries are allowed to invest in emission reduction projects where it is most cost-effective; and developing counties are assisted to achieve sustainable development goals, creates incentive for investment, provides additional support for adaptation.

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