Environmental Management Systems

Environmental Management System

The Cambridge Conservation Centre is committed to help you to reduce the environmental impact and improve the operation efficiency of your organization. We assist our esteemed clients to manage their environmental impacts and improve environmental performance determined by their products, services and activities, based on an ISO 14001 environmental management system (EMS). Our team will work with you to set up or review your EMS to provide your organization with a framework through which environmental performance can be controlled and improved; Together, we will:

  • Review your company’s environmental goals;
  • Analyze environmental impacts of your products, services, and activities, and legal and other requirements;
  • Set environmental objectives, targets, and programmes to reduce environmental impacts and comply with legal requirements;
  • Establish organizational infrastructure to meet these environmental objectives and targets;
  • Monitor and measure progress in achieving the objectives and targets;
  • Ensure employees’ environmental awareness and competence;
  • Review progress of the environmental management system and make improvements based on the audits

An effective environmental management system will improve environmental performance, enhance compliance, prevent pollution, conserve resources, increase operational efficiency and reduce costs, attract new customers and market, increase employee morale, increase employee awareness of environmental issues, and improve the company’s image with the public, regulators, lenders and investors.

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