Energy assessments

Energy Assessments

The Cambridge Centre for Environment is committed to working with clients to reduce carbon emissions from, and energy consumption in, residential and commercial buildings. Energy assessments are carried out in domestic buildings, non-domestic and commercial buildings, and air-conditioning systems to ascertain current energy usage and apply measures to reduce consumption. The Centre will assist you to:

  • Reduce operating costs and the environmental impact of renovating your building;
  • Monitor and analyze your property’s energy usage;
  • Profile energy use of your property through assessment of different energy performance variables;
  • Satisfy mandatory requirements for carbon emissions reduction based on existing regulatory structures;
  • Prepare energy management reports and help you to monitor and meet organizational environmental policy objectives
  • Deliver residential and commercial projects that satisfy low carbon emission requirements;
  • Advise homeowners and commercial entities on sustainable building materials and energy conservation approaches for traditional and modern buildings;
  • Calculate your property’s energy demand and carbon emissions to establish compliance with the Building Regulations; and
  • Provide an energy performance assessment of your building using government-approved methodologies and industry.

Robust energy assessments will enhance your understanding of energy use of the building, and assist you to reduce energy consumption and carbon emissions to the atmosphere.

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