Low carbon Technologies

Low Carbon Technologies

Recognizing the threats of climate change to the historic and natural environments and to national prosperity, many countries are exploring alternative energy sources to replace fossil fuels. Increasing the amount of energy from renewable and low carbon technologies can enhance national energy security, reduce greenhouse gas emissions to slow down climate change and stimulate sustainable economic growth. The Cambridge Centre for environment works with governments, university and research institutions, private and third sector to:

  • Test and distribute renewable energy and low carbon technologies in developing, transition and developed countries;
  • Integrate low carbon technologies in manufacturing, agriculture, transportation and power generation to ensure they produce energy and materials with little greenhouse gas emissions;
  • Develop systems that ensure their buildings, machines, and devices use energy and materials efficiently;
  • Dispose or recycle their waste using low carbon energy efficient technologies;
  • Explore options for making the transition from carbon intensive to low carbon economy economically viable;
  • Develop organizational capacity to implement renewable energy and low carbon technologies; and
  • Undertake short- to medium-term research on topics related to low carbon technologies.

Low carbon technologies do not only reduce emissions to the atmosphere, they also assist national governments to reduce carbon dioxide emissions per unit of gross domestic product (GDP).

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