Environmental and Development Course

Certificate in Environment and Development


    At the end of the course, the students should be able to:
  • Explain the relationships between environment, economy and society in the context of global and local change and uncertainty;
  • Discuss sustainable development theories and concepts and their application to development and environmental issues; and
  • Demonstrate familiarity with current issues and trends from countries at different levels of development.


  • CED01 Understanding Environment and Development
  • CED02 International Development in a Changing World
  • CED03 Political Ecology of Environment and Development
  • CED04 Principles of Environmental Sustainability
  • CED05 Course assessment 1: Individual project
  • CED06 Course assessment 2: Theory exam
  • Options (2 courses)

  • CED07 Business and Environment
  • CED08 Understanding Global Environmental Change
  • CED09 Strategic Environmental Assessment
  • CED10 Governance, Democracy, and Development
  • CED11 Environmental Change: Past, Present and future
  • CED12 Environmental Policies
  • CED13 Environmental Governance
  • CED14 Water Resources Management
  • CED15 Climate Change: Science and policy
  • CED16 Integrated Resources Management
  • CED17 Project Management
  • CED18 Environmental Auditing and Reporting

Learning outcome

Environment and Development practitioners have a strong understanding of Environment and Development principle, theories, and practices, and are able to apply these to effect environmentally friendly development.

Couse date

Starts at the beginning of every month

Target Group

This course is suitable for environmental and natural resource managers, and anyone intending to develop a career in environment and development. While prior experience in environment and development field is an added advantage, people who have never worked in this field can also be considered for the course.

Course duration

12 months


Certificate in Environment and Environment



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