National greenhouse gas measurements, verifications, and reporting

National Greenhouse Gas Measurement, Reporting and Verification

International climate change policies and agreements underline the importance of measurable, reportable and verifiable greenhouse gas mitigation actions and commitments. The Cambridge Centre for environment will work with you to develop and manage national and enterprise-level greenhouse gas inventory systems and emission estimates based on established international standards and good practice. Accurate estimates and understanding of GHG emissions allows governments, companies, and other entities to identify opportunities to manage emissions, enhance removals, evaluate the success of low-carbon growth strategies over time, and ensure that resources are targeted towards effective solutions. Measuring, reporting and third party verification of greenhouse gas emissions also improves the quality of information available internationally, increases confidence in the integrity of the information reported, and ensures informed policy, business, and regulatory decisions. We assist our clients to:

  • Develop and institutionalize inventory management an inventory management system;
  • Advise you on greenhouse gas data to be collect and how they should be collected and processed using recommended procedures;
  • Report the greenhouse gas information against key performance indicators,
  • Conduct third party verification of estimated greenhouse gas emissions.

We also work with the private sector and civil society to assist them to develop entity-level inventories and undertake project and product-based GHG accounting.

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