Energy Resource Management

Diploma in Energy Management


    At the end of the course, the trainee should be able to:
  • Explain the basic concepts and a general overview of energy management;
  • Demonstrate an understanding of the scientific theories and principles underpinning climate change;
  • Analyze different international and national policies and how they determine how different organizations apply them to address climate change;
  • Explain the importance of energy management in business and non-business contexts;
  • Outline the major structural components of ISO 15001 and the requirements for its application;
  • Outline the key principles of energy management and ISO 15001:2011;
  • Explain how ISO 15001:2011 is applied in energy management;
  • Describe the process approach for ISO 15001:2011 in energy management;
  • Explain the relevant legislation and regulations that underpin energy management.

    Course Content

  • DEM01 Climate change science
  • DEM02 Climate change and energy policy
  • DEM03 Introduction to Energy Management
  • DEM04 Importance of an Energy Management System
  • DEM05 Structure and Requirements of ISO 15001:2011
  • DEM06 Principles of Energy Management and ISO 15001:2011
  • DEM07 Implementation of ISO 15001:2011
  • DEM08 Process Approach for ISO 15001:2011
  • DEM09 Legislation and Regulation
  • DEM10 Course assessment 1: Course project
  • DEM11 Course assessment 2: Theory exam

Learning outcome

Energy Managers have a strong understanding of internationally recognized ISO 15001standard and are able to use it to improve the effectiveness of their energy management system.

Course Dates

January & September intakes

Target Group

This course is suitable for: Facility, Safety, and newly appointed Environmental Managers who need an introduction to energy management systems and audit requirements; Managers and staff with responsibility for planning, performance and reporting of any form of energy ranging from system compliance to full site reviews, monitoring and controls; ideal for Facilities and Estates Managers; and anyone intending to develop a career in environment and energy management.

Course duration

18 months


Awarded a Diploma in Energy Management upon successful completion of the course



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