Certificate Courses

Certificate Courses

When you enroll for the course you can be confident of success because there will be an experienced, qualified and friendly tutor on hand to answer your queries. At the conclusion of each module there are self-assessment questions to assist you to evaluate your progress. This will help you remember the main points of the lesson and act as a check that you have retained the essential knowledge and understanding of that particular section. You have the option of submitting your answer sheet to a dedicated tutor who will provide you with feedback on your assessment. When the result is satisfactory you can progress to the next module.

Each student is expected to carry out an individual project as an integrated course assessment. This ensures that the candidate understands the course module and is able to apply them to real life situations. This module could be based on your organization or an assignment outside your organization. It will contribute 20% to the overall course mark.

At the end of the course, the candidate is expected to take a timed theory examination, which tests the general understanding of the subject matter. This will constitute 80% of the overall course mark

The duration of each diploma programme will take you 12 months to complete. This is the maximum amount of time a candidate will be officially registered for the course. A candidate is allowed to complete the course in shorter period than specified above as long as the submitted work meets the set criteria. In exceptional cases, a candidate can request for an extension of the course duration.

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